Be Well

A Guide to a Healthy Life

Karen Creasey’s step-by-step courses are designed to bring you health and wellness for a lifetime! Start with a single wellness unit, or bundle and save!

Be Well

A Guide to a Healthy Life

Karen Creasey’s step-by-step courses are designed to bring you health and wellness for a lifetime! Start with a single wellness unit, or bundle and save!

It’s all about you…

…becoming a whole, well, healthy, vibrant person.

Karen Creasey’s books and informational guides will help you:

  1. Build a foundation of knowledge
  2. Create new habits
  3. Implement healthy strategies, one at a time.

Lose weight, get in shape and improve your overall health and wellness.

This program is not about perfection or quick fixes. Our focus is long term success, and Karen’s multi-level approach ensures no vital areas of your health and wellness are ignored or overlooked.

Individual Units Available:

Goal Setting


Exercise Strategies

Portion Control

Understand Cravings

Food and Exercise

Menu Planning

Stress Management

Mindset and Habits

Food Labels

Boost Energy

Fuel Your Body

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Have you tried multiple programs to lose weight, get in shape and just generally improve your overall health and wellness… to no avail? Most do not take a multi-level approach so there are areas that are ignored or overlooked.

The BE WELL program is a step-by-step journey that builds with session, focused on you becoming a whole, healthy, vibrant person…on all levels.

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BE WELL Benefits Include:

Reducing stress and becoming a happier person.

Building a foundation of knowledge leading to an awakened life.

Creating new habits such as deep breathing techniques.

Implementing healthy strategies, starting at the grocery store!

All of our books, guides, and information is designed to bring you health and wellness for a lifetime.

Individual Units Available:



Supercharged Goal Setting for Success

This first session will allow you to determine which goals are right for YOU by getting
crystal clear on your WHY – what you really desire, so you can make plans and think as
BIG as you want. This session will equip you to develop goals that could potentially
take you into the life change you have always wanted.



Why diets don’t work and what does

One diet doesn’t work for everyone! This session will help you overcome some of the
diet and yoyoing myths and confusion that plague all of us. Learn to ADD instead of
restrict foods using simple solutions you can start right away.



Exercise strategies that maximize results

Most of us know that exercise is good for us, but we struggle to do it. This session
teaches the common roadblocks to exercise and allows applying simple solutions that
will help you bust through the blahs and maximize your results.



Portion Control and Mindful Eating

Portion control doesn’t mean we have to measure and weigh our food. This session is
a discovery in many ways to get a better handle on portion control without feeling
deprived, it will uncover mindful eating and ways that will help you feel great again.



Understanding Cravings

This session will help you discover why your sugar and junk food habit isn’t all your
fault. It explains the common causes of cravings, how to curb cravings, and find
healthier options.



Why it’s not Just About Food and Exercise

Find out what nourishes you on a deeper level beyond the eating that fills the void of
hunger. This session explores how life balance will help improve your health and boost
lifelong results.



Stress Management and Self-Care

Did you know stress can frustrate weight loss and affect your overall health? In this
session, you will dive into how to get control over your schedule and your life by
acquiring simple ways to reduce stress and take care of yourself.



Mindset and Habits for Powerful Results

Managing the ‘auto-pilot’ habits that may be preventing you from reaching your goals is
a huge WIN. This session will help develop awareness that even the smallest habits,
over time, can help or hinder success. In addition, you will learn how to acquire new
habits for lifelong success.



Deciphering Food Labels

Knowledge is Power! This session is dedicated to making sense out of confusing food
labels and to helping you move to a new empowered level in your food management



Foods and Habits that Boost Energy

Get your energy back and start feeling great again by partnering your food choices with
your habitual behavior. This session teaches the best energy-boosting foods and how
to incorporate them into your daily life.



Fueling Your Body

What you eat absolutely matters! We have all been following bad advice for too long.
This session focuses on eating healthier whole foods that nourish your body, bring you whole health, and help you THRIVE.

BE WELL with

Karen Creasey

Karen Creasey is an accomplished personal wellness specialist., helping her clients live their best life through expert training and personal guidance.

As a fitness professional and consultant for more than 30 years, Karen has helped top companies in various industries achieve their health and wellness goals. She is a certified personal trainer and health coach, a cancer survivor, competitive athlete, kinesiology Professor, and a nationally recognized speaker.

Karen’s programs incorporate DIY guides and a personalized system of videos, books and one-on-one consultations to ensure the success of your health and wellness goals…for a lifetime.