What our Clients are saying…

~ Jennifer

I told Karen “I’d like to become physically active again. My hips and knees need strengthening. I want my body back.” We began working together.

The inches, melted away and my hips and knees began to feel stronger.

Words cannot express my gratitude to Karen for the impact she has had on my health and well-being, both physically and mentally. Feeling better is such a gift. I am very grateful!

~ Sarah D.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Karen Creasey as my trainer. She coached me with patience and provided just the right amount of encouragement. If a video existed of my first session working with Karen, playing into my final session, several months later, you would see beyond words the difference in balance strength and attitude.

~ Betsy S.

If you want an honest, professional as well as fun workout, then Karen is your person. I have been with her for at least 6 years, beginning with deep water boot camp aerobics. She also helped me rehab following PT for a badly broken ankle. She will push you, but she is kind. If you give Karen a try, I believe you will want to stay with her.

~ Minette B.

I have worked with many trainers over many years and Karen is simply the best of them all!
 She has a wealth of knowledge about physical fitness, nutrition and many other areas of health.
Karen always has a smile and an upbeat attitude and is very encouraging and positive.
Karen’s workouts cover all ranges of fitness. Since she has been my trainer, I am in the best shape in many years.
Thank you Karen!